Learning Macedonian online is for:

  • anyone living abroad or in Macedonia
  • anyone who feels more comfortable learning from home
  • anyone who is used to acquiring knowledge and get information through internet
  • any level - from absolute beginners to advanced speakers
  • foreign or native speakers

What do you get?

  • Learning from a native speaker
  • Learning from an experienced Macedonian language specialist
  • Individually-tailored classes
  • A lot of conversation
  • Individual or group learning
  • Language resources (PowerPoint presentations, screen-share video or audio material, documents, worksheets, useful links, articles)

What do you need?

  • Computer or mobile phone
  • Good internet connection
  • A good quality headset or earphones and external microphone (as they increase the effectiveness of teaching and enjoyment of the lessons)
  • A quiet and well-lit place where you will not be disturbed

What technology do we use?

  • Skype or Zoom
  • Google Drive
  • Email
  • Viber, Messenger or Whatsapp

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